In the middle of the 16th century Michael Rem
acquired the house no. 263 from the monastery
Heiligenkreuz. He owned a few vineyards and
carried on wine-growing. In 1683, during the Great
Turkish Siege of Vienna, the Turks advanced into
Perchtoldsdorf. There was a short but violent battle,
during which many inhabitants of Perchtoldsdorf,
including Michael Rem and his wife, lost their lives.
This incident is documented by a wall-painting in
the inner courtyard of Pension Felner.

The house was destroyed completely during the
battle. Since there were no heirs, the ruin went to
the municipality of Perchtoldsdorf. In 1696 the
municipality sold the plot to Ms Eva Fries, who
rebuilt the house at ground level. After a change
of owner the property was divided in 1707. There
are no further records until 1896.

That was the year in which the Zitta family renovated
the house completely and built a second floor.
Subsequently the house was being passed on.

In 1972 Mr Tibor Felner acquired the building
which had been neglected meanwhile renovated
it and opened a bed and breakfast pension in 1988.

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